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What is Quantaggle?

Quantaggle is a platform web site for competitions of algorithms/methods that utilize quantum computers in the near future. Each competition treats a specific problem that quantum computers in the near future are expected to be useful. You can compare the performance of various quantum algorithms/methods of the specific problem in the competition. You are also welcome to join it to become an inventor of the world's state-of-the-art method to facilitate quantum computers!

For now, we open only competitions hosted by us, but we plan to accept user-hosted competitions soon.

Why do you need Quantaggle?

The recent development of quantum technology is about to realize a primitive form of quantum computers, which do not have error correction on qubits (unit of information in quantum computers) but have tens to hundreds of qubits under a highly precise control. Such quantum computers in the near future are dubbed as Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices. NISQ devices are expected to bring a huge speedup to several computational tasks in the real world. For example, calculations of materials based on quantum mechanics, machine learning, optimization of combinatorial problems, etc.

NISQ devices inspire a lot of researches trying to take advantages of quantum computers over classical counterparts, and plenty of algorithms/protocols are proposed day by day. However, such algorithms are mostly heuristic, so the performance of them is not so obvious for a specific problem for which you want to use NISQ devices.

Quantaggle provides a solution for such situation. We host competitions where a specific computational task (for example, calculating energies of some molecules) is described, and users can submit results computed with their favorite quantum algorithms/methods on NISQ devices. The results are evaluated and ranked by a score defined by the host of the competition, such as precisions compared to exact answers or predicted computational time on a real NISQ device under reasonable assumption. Quantaggle offers an insight to

  • what problems in the real world are expected to be eased by NISQ devices
  • which algorithms/methods on NISQ devices will be useful in such realistic problems
  • estimation of the performance of algorithms/methods of NISQ devices
  • and more!

More to read

For more information on NISQ devices and their applications, you can refer to

How can you join competitions in Quantaggle?

Each competition has a specific format for submission. See "Submission guideline" section in each competition page.


We acknowledge Microsoft for Startups for providing Azure Virtual Machines.